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These steps provide a brief overview of how we approach the projects. From the initial conversations with our clients to product release and maintenance, we offer our constant support to you. The steps are subject to change according to the given project requirements.

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Identify the Problem

Through a number of conversations and meetings, we first identify the problem and define the goal. With our background and experience, we can provide you with the insights needed to develop a clear strategy for success.

Planning and Strategizing

At this stage, we address the priorities and the requirements of the client. Then, we're able to consider the technologies needed and pair them with the solution. Then we lay out a rough timeline for the project and sign a contract.


Now we start the UI/UX design and start with a working prototype of the project. We also put together the right team of developers that with their superpowers can make the app come to life.

Release the Product

The project has been now developed, beta tested and is ready for launch! We help the clients with the launch process and provide them access to App Store and/or Google Play Store, enabling them to reach their customers.

Deliver Regularly

Now the development has been started and we provide you with regular builds of the project when it reaches a milestone. We also keep our clients informed of the progress made by weekly reports.


Upon the request of our clients, we continue to update the app and optimize it for new platform versions and updates.

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